About the Department

The purpose of the ICT Division is to plan, install, develop and maintain the University's ICT infrastructure and information systems, while ensuring their survival, security and keeping the systems up-to-date in order to meet the University's needs.

The ICT Division provides solutions for the three main types of customers at the University: students, academic staff and administrative staff.

The ICT Division is based on  two departments: Information Systems Department and  Infrastructure Department. In addition, the University's Information Security Manager is subordinate to the CIO.

The Information Systems Department is responsible for analyzing requests, developing, setting up and maintaining administrative and academic information systems for end users.

The main systems and applications managed by the department are: the student system - Ilanet & Inbar, the University's ERP system (finance, human resources, purchasing, logistics and research) - Barent, the University's website and the departments and faculties' websites, the portal, identity management systems, content management systems, BI systems and more.

The Infrastructure Department is responsible for the University's computational infrastructure, i.e. the Data Center including all for all related activities, backups, storage, communication infrastructure, databases (DBA), IP telephony, email system, WiFi, DR and more.

In addition, the division provides technical and applicative support to administrative staff and serves as a technological leader for computer consultants in the departments and faculties.

The Director of Information Security of the University is responsible for the information security policy and protection of the University's privacy, examination of the capabilities and needs, providing response to information security incidents and more.

Last Updated Date : 06/03/2022